John Street Logo

The John Street Farmers' Market is held on the grounds of St. George-the-Martyr, Anglican Church.  Vendors can be found along the front of the church and the cafe and activities are held in the church courtyard.

Our vision for this farmers' market is to create a community of local farmers, artisans and whole food retail providers that offer sustainable products to the residents, businesses, and tourists in our neighbourhood. St. George-the-Martyr’s location is in a prime area that has a substantial mix of businesses, residences, entertainment, and tourism. We offer a modern day “Agora” (Market & Meeting Place) where community is built from the collaboration and networking of local communities from different social experiences through sustainable commerce & trade.


Our goal is to provide our patrons with both local and sustainable products as well as to aid in decreasing the gap between consumers and producers which in turn will provide a more eco-conscious lifestyle.