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The vision for this farmer’s market is to create a community of local farmers, artisans, and whole food retail providers that offer sustainable goods & services to the residents, businesses, and tourists of Toronto’s central downtown population. St. George-the-Martyr Anglican Church’s location is a prime area that has a substantial mix of businesses, residences, entertainment, and tourism. Our idea is to offer the public a modern day “Agora” (Market & Meeting Place) where a community is built from the collaboration and networking of local communities from different social experiences through sustainable commerce & trade.


One of our goals is to be able to provide our patrons (especially our neighbors) all the produce and items needed for their week to come (i.e. seasonal fruit, vegetable, grain & baked goods, dairy), and that all those products be ecologically sustainable and produced locally. By building these bridges it diminishes the gap between consumer and provider, which provides a more conscious lifestyle practice; and by encouraging these relationships, a holistic and ecologically sustainable ethos is not just created, but supported, and continues to develop through the community.

This initiative will be held on the grounds of St. George-the-Martyr Anglican Church.  The west-side enclosed gardens will host the majority of the merchants; the Fellowship Hall will host The Parlor Café & Artisan’s Market.